Academy Plus Promise


It is our duty as painting contractors to meet and exceed your satisfaction. This is the reason that we provide you with a clearly defined and up front work order for the job. We do our best to uncover exactly what it is you want to see from us as a service provider and want you to feel free to ask any questions that you may have. It is very important to us to clarify what is and is not being worked on. Communication is an important part of our service and we want to make sure that you enjoy having your work done with us!


Academy Plus 2 Year Guarantee


We promise to repair any failed areas (blistering and peeling) that result from poor workmanship or materials at no cost to the guarantee holder. The guarantee begins when the job is complete and withstands for a period of two years. The date of completion is found on the front side of this proposal and must be signed by the guarantee holder in order to be valid. In the event that it is not dated the guarantee is valid for two years from the date of the original agreement.


Guarantee Restrictions

– Any work which is not paid in full.

– Any work where the client supplies the paint.

– Paint Problems due to failure in the prior paint system which is beyond the scope of discovery during the visual inspection during the quote.

– Mold and Mildew due to weather conditions and moisture. Mold and Mildew develop out of environmental conditions and are therefore not the fault of the paint itself.

– Rust – rust removal does not guarantee that the rust will not return.

– Wear due to rubbing or mechanical contact such as on floors and areas that commonly come into contact when not recommended by the materials manufacturer.

– Specific areas – Roofs, Gutters, Galvanized metal, Areas where moisture exists or will come to exist.

– Horizontal surfaces where moisture can collect for a duration of time, these include porches, decks, stairs, and floors.

– Wooden fences and railings


Unforeseen conditions – limitations


Our contract is based on a visual inspection completed prior to the commencement of any work. Should changes be required due to problems that arise which were unforeseeable prior to starting work then the client must pay an agreed upon amount that is necessary to correct the unforeseen conditions. An example of this is failure due to undercoat/inter-coat adhesion failure of the previous paint system wherein the previous paint has come loose but has not yet broken the surface such that it is visible prior to the commencement of the work. This can occur in older homes where the paint layers have built up or newer homes where the pre-primed boards have been left exposed too long prior to painting, thus weakening the bond.


Stucco – Stucco can fail to bond with paint even after washing due to natural deterioration of the stucco due to weather and the stucco composition. Most stucco siding will take latex paint, however should the paint fail to bond the rectification procedure requires washing and removing flaking paint, application of a sealer, and new paint which must come at an agreed upon expense to the client.


Lead paint – Lead paint is harmful to health and therefore extra precautions are required by law. If lead paint is discovered during to job then the extra expense for precautions and disposal must come at an agreed upon price to the client.


Colours – All colours must be chosen by the client before the commencement of the work. If, after the job starts, a colour change is requested and alters the materials or labour expenses to Academy Plus Painters, then it is the client’s responsibility to pay the cost for any and all associated expenses.