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Painting – One of the biggest questions homeowners have during a remodel is when during the process should they have their walls painted? If you’re stuck on this issue, you should know that you are not alone!

When you’re in the middle of a renovation, knowing the right time to schedule your painting can be daunting. Should you paint before or after installing the floors? Does the trim need to be in first or should it be installed after painting? What about hardware and fixtures?

renovation painting

Scheduling professional painting around the other trades involved in your home build or renovation can be incredibly confusing- that’s where Academy Plus Painting comes in.

The real answer to the question of when to paint during your renovation is not what you might expect. Usually, it’s before AND after other work. It also depends on the extent of the work being done. Are you ripping out the baseboards and replacing the floors? Will your cabinetry be painted? Are you replacing or painting your trim?

Often, the main painting must be done before any other installations. Then, once the other trades have completed their work, the painters return to touch up. This can be overwhelming to figure out on your own!


With extensive industry experience as a contractor and a large paint crew, Academy Plus Painting ensures that your project runs seamlessly.

A respectable painting company will care for your home and take steps to ensure that all of your belongings, including your flooring, are protected properly during the painting process. Our team of skilled and experienced painters will work directly with the other trades during your remodel to safeguard against costly mistakes, or missed steps that might result in an unsightly finished product.

Academy Plus Painting helps to make your renovation a success.

Renovations are often confusing and stressful for homeowners, but they don’t have to be. With the right team on your side, your home remodel can run smoothly and easily. Our team of highly skilled painters are dedicated to the success of your project. If you live in the Fraser Valley and would like help with your next painting project, give us a call today!


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